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We grow mushrooms year-round and proudly service our local community, San Diego County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County. Our main customers are distributors to restaurants, casinos, hotels, large catering services and your local grocery stores.

If you eat mushrooms in Southern California, chances are you are eating our product!

Our Services
     Wholesale Mushroom Sales
     Retail Mushroom Sales
     FREE Compost
     Farm Tours

Starting March 2020, we have opened the doors to the public for not only our FREE compost, but for mushroom sales. We invite you to stop by and grab your FREE compost, buy a few pounds of freshly harvested mushrooms, and if you contact us in advance, we can take you on a farm tour!

Amid the ongoing concerns about the spread of the COVID-19, we are committed to the safety of our workers and visitors. As you know, the situation is evolving at a fast pace and our goal is to keep up with CDC and local regulations. We ask that you kindly respect the social distancing recommendations and wear a face mask when you enter our office and come closer than 6ft to another individual. IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME!