Our Company


Mountain Meadow Mushroom Farms, Inc. is a farm located in the rural area of Escondido in the greater North County San Diego.

We pride ourselves in providing the freshest high quality product to neighboring grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets, and direct retail from our farm. We have diversified our product and services to fresh exotic mushroom and growing kits and as always, we continue to give away our spent compost to the community!


The farm was established in 1952. In 1987 the Crouch family purchased the farm. Mr. Crouch expanded the farm to 27 growing houses - making it the largest white mushroom grower in Southern California producing 120,000 lbs. of mushroom per week.  In 2008, Mr. Crouch's son, Gary Crouch and Roberto Ramirez partnered up and bought the farm with a commitment to carry out Mr. Bob Crouch's  legacy. In 2019, Gary retired making Roberto primary owner of the mushroom farm. Roberto's wife, Olga Ramirez joined the farm in 2012 as the Manager of Human Resources with oversight of employee relations, payroll, and worker safety. It has been our pride and joy to work with amazing people along the way.

The Ramirez have grown a passion for fungi from the health perspective, the culinary arts, to the love for the people that have made a part of our team for decades. The farm, once being an employer for over 100 workers has now scaled down to an invaluable crew that we care to call "family." This team is passionate, loyal and committed to the forever evolution of the world of mushrooms. We are extremely proud to be a part of the Escondido community in the greater North County San Diego, California.

Customer Testimonials

I grew a phenomenal garden from their compost! Free and limitless! A great way to help home gardeners!

Cynthia B.

The world has gone mad for organic and local, while MMM is in our backyard. Best organic mushrooms ever!

Aleinna G.

It's muddy and smelly, but the compost is awesome! The mushrooms are even better... Yum!

Maly B.

I have been experiencing some aches and pains from inflammation on my feet and after a month or so of taking the mushroom ; lion's mane and king trumpet I have never felt better!

Lisa M.