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Below are a list of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) followed at our farm to ensure that we remain in compliance with best food safety practices.

1Food Safety Program DevelopmentThis is MMMF food safety plan which identifies and documents potential hazards, hazard control measures, monitoring and verification procedures.
2Safety of WaterMMMF uses both municipal and well water sources for the production. Well is inspected annually and municipal water tests are conducted at least two times per year to identify and potential hazards (contaminants).
3Worker HygieneWorkers are required to come to work with clean clothes, wash their hands before and after entering their work area.
4Hand Washing & Toilet FacilitiesHand washing stations and toilet facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily. Portable toilets maintenance is outsourced and serviced at least 3 x per week.
5Product SecurityControl measures are in place to prevent entry of unauthorized individuals onto the premises. Suspicious activity is monitored and reported to proper authorities if necessary.
6Raw Material ManagementRaw materials are only purchased from approved vendors. Storage is kept clean, sanitized and in good condition free of debris.
7Farm SanitationAll grounds and buildings are to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent contamination. Growing rooms shall be kept uncluttered at all times. All picking and packing equipment is cleaned and sanitized daily.
8Protection of Harvested MushroomsHarvesting containers are not allowed to touch the floor and staging areas must be protected from physical hazards, condensate, and floor splash. All product is secured in place while being transported (In-house and customer deliveries). Transportation vehicles must be kept clean, sanitized and free of debris.
9Critical Food and Non Food Contact SurfacesAll surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized. Food contact spaces must be labeled and cleaning and sanitizing measures must be documented (logged) accordingly.
10Hazardous MaterialsMMMF is certified organic and pesticide-free. Chemicals used are for cleaning and sanitizing purposes. All potentially hazardous chemicals shall be used according to label directions. Propane, diesel, and gas are outsourced and serviced at least weekly and access is limited to trained personnel only. SDS on record in the main office.
11Pest ControlMMMF has a pest control program in place. Traps are checked daily and logged for any findings. Corrective actions are conducted immediately after a finding is determined. Records on file in the main office.
12Product RecallA program for tracking and responding to customer complaints or product recalls are in place to ensure the safety of the product. Records on file showing mushrooms picked, workers picking, packing and transporting the product. Customer orders are marked with harvested/delivery date prior to delivery. Mock recalls take place to ensure the effectiveness of our Product Recall Program.
13Equipment Maintenance and CalibrationAll equipment, vehicles and tools are inspected and services on schedule (regularly) to ensure proper functionality and safety and mechanical hazards. Inspection logs available in the main office.
14Employee TrainingAll workers receive training upon hire and routine review sessions throughout the year on food safety, MGAP procedures, and OSHA required training on best workplace practices. Employee training logs on file in the main office.