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Mountain Meadow Mushroom Farms, Inc. proudly participates on the United States Department of Agriculture MUSHROOM GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES PROGRAM, also known as MGAP. The MGAP is an industry-wide source that provides food safety  standards for fresh mushroom growing, harvesting and shipping.

We are also inspected by the Department of the Army and we are listed in their Directory of Sanitary Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement.

The mushroom growing operation at MOUNTAIN MEADOW MUSHROOM FARMS, INC (MMMF) shall be maintained and operated following the MUSHROOM GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES PROGRAM (MGAP) which provide a set of standards and procedures that mushroom growers can use to enhance and document safe mushroom growing practices. MGAP's standards are consistent with current food safety guidelines for the fresh produce industry described in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) document, "Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables."

MMMF recognizes that food safety is a must and it is being proactive by implementing a comprehensive written food safety program to minimize the risk of mushroom contamination to benefit the consuming public. Adhering to the MGAP's is accomplished through the food safety program that covers 14 food safety areas and standards for the mushroom growing operation.

Management is responsible of communicating the food safety standards and guidelines to all employees at MMMF and to provide all the tools, equipment, training and resources that are needed for producing safe and wholesome mushrooms. Employees are responsible to attend any training offered by the company, follow the company's policies and the operational procedures in the mushroom growing operation.

At MMMF we believe that food safety is the responsibility of all employees. Although the workload and major responsibilities of the program lie on he management, supervisors and the quality control person, all employees have been trained to report to their supervisors anything that puts mushrooms at risk of contamination and to take appropriate measures to ensure that any non-conforming product does not reach the consumers.

All production records are kept on file at the MMMF main office.